Russian missiles hit Poland, two killed: Report

The Pentagon said on Tuesday it could not confirm reports that Russian missiles have crossed into Po ...View More

Poland: Russian-made missile fell on our country, killing 2

Poland said early Wednesday that a Russian-made missile fell in the eastern part of the country, kil ...View More

India’s call for phase-down of all fossil fuels gets EU support

INDIA’S CALL for a phase-down of all fossil fuels, and not just coal which was singled out in the de ...View More

Amid tensions with China, Taiwan shows off military drones

Taiwan displayed its self-developed drone technology Tuesday, amid rising concerns over China’s thre ...View More

PM Modi, Chinese President Xi meet in Bali, first time in public view since Ladakh standoff

IN THEIR first meeting in public view since the India-China border standoff began in 2020, Prime Min ...View More

Two explosions heard in Ukraine’s capital, smoke rising over city

At least two explosions were heard in Kyiv on Tuesday and smoke could be seen rising over the city,  ...View More

UK PM Sunak: China poses a threat but must also engage with them

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said on Tuesday that China posed a threat to Britain but it was also righ ...View More

Climate activists attack glass screen protecting Klimt painting in Vienna

Climate-change activists on Tuesday smeared and glued one of their hands to a glass screen protectin ...View More

Chinese police shoot dead would-be bank robber, free hostage

Police in eastern China shot dead a would-be bank robber Tuesday and freed the hostage he had taken, ...View More

Need trillions of dollars to meet net-zero target by 2070: India at COP27

INDIA WOULD need “tens of trillions of dollars by 2050” to transition to a low-carbon development pa ...View More

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